The end of Whole30!

It’s been awhile since Jason and I finished the Whole30 and there hasn’t been a blog post. Probably because it was somewhat anti-climactic. There were a few takeaways, but I did not get a “Tiger Blood” transfusion, and I wouldn’t call it life-changing. But since I wrote of the beginning and the middle, I thought it best to write the end. In bullet format:

  • I don’t think I have any food sensitivities, and won’t be cutting out any food groups long-term.
  • I do have a serious sugar addiction. But I already knew this. I need to come up with a plan to keep my sugar consumption in check. Perhaps something like one dessert a week. I’m still mulling it over.
  • It is possible to consume a lot more vegetables. I should do this.
  • I ate more meat during Whole30 than I’m used to eating and I would prefer not to continue (eating all the meat).
  • Speaking of meat, I have become quite interested and concerned about where my meat comes from and how it is raised. I’m glad we get our beef and pork from a local farm (Tara Firma Farms) and would like to find someplace similar for chicken and dairy.
  • I’ve also begun some reading on wheat. I like the idea of eating only whole grains, including whole wheat that is truly whole wheat (which can apparently be quite tricky to discern). But I’m not quite ready to take this on.
  • I will continue to work on minimizing processed food consumption.
  • It’s probably time to stop drinking Coke Zero on a regular basis. Sigh (tear).
  • Coconut is the best.

A few kind folks have asked me if I’m feeling better. The answer is yes, absolutely. Thank you for asking. I feel much better. And I attribute that entirely to going off antibiotics. Of course there’s no way to know for sure. Perhaps the Whole30 diet helped. If nothing else, I don’t think it hurt.

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