Nursing pigs and duck attacks

Today we went to Tara Firma Farms. If I were to list off causes that I am passionate about, eating organic, sustainably grown food would not be on that list. And yet… I sort of make an effort to do that. So I guess I must care on some level. Anyway, we signed up for their CSA sometime last year and this was the first time we actually made it to the farm.

We had a good time, despite being attacked by a duck.

We saw some pigs having boobie-yeah-time, which is how Ruby refers to nursing. I think that term was derived from this conversation.

Ruby: Boobie!
Me: You want to have boobies?
Ruby: Yeah.

At some point she tacked on “time”, and there you have it.


Here we are looking a little bit like we’re running up that hill. We weren’t.


And at the top there were…


Of course, my favorite animal was…