Ruby Thursday: 5 million videos

I’ve been slacking a little on, well, pretty much everything. Including blogging. So let’s play a little catch up.

Ruby started crawling! Legitimately. Last Saturday (10/20/12 – I’m throwing the date in there for my own personal records). Here’s a glimpse of the action on day one.


She’s also been trying to pull herself up. Mostly onto me. As documented here.


She’s pulled herself up using our bed frame a couple times too, but that’s it for furniture. It’s lower to the ground than anything else we have, and I think that’s why it’s working for her.

She also played along with this game for like a week. It was pretty freaking cute while it lasted, but she seems over it now.


She also seems a little over her scrunchy nose smile. Oh sadness! At least handing it out left and right. Instead she’s just been giving everyone dirty looks. I don’t have a good picture of her scowl face, but I do have… ANOTHER video! Of Ruby laughing and Jason’s vacation chops.


Also, today’s my birthday. I’m 30 now. Which means I’m practically dead.

Already an alcoholic

Ruby still isn’t crawling. But she’s moving! She’ll even attempt to overcome barricades if there is a truly exceptional prize on the other side. Like, for example, a mojito.

Unfortunately this new era of mobility also comes with its fair share of head bonks and face plants. I can only imagine what she thinks of as the ground rushes toward her. Probably something to the effect of, “Alas! The end of this wretched sobriety! The end – where all pain is met with minty sweet perfection!”

These must be Ruby’s thoughts I am imagining. Because surely they are not my own. I happen to know that mojito is non-alcoholic. And the immediate and incessant crying leads me to believe these falls are, in fact, painful.

For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, Cheney gave me this prompt: The ground rushed toward her, and when she met it there was no pain, only the darkness of the end. (Kill your darling.). I had grand plans to actually take time, expend energy etc. to write a short story this week. But I started reading a book instead. Thus, this sort of pathetic response. Sorry Cheney! The prompt was a good one and, unfortunately, a bit wasted on me!

I gave Jester Queen this prompt: I wanted my life to start – but in those rare moments when it seemed like something might actually change, panic shot through me.’ –Curtis Sittenfeld

Ruby Tuesday: Not so serious

It’s hard to believe I only missed one Tuesday. I feel like so much has happened in little Ruby’s life over the last two weeks.

She rolls all the time (although still only over one shoulder) now. She pretty much always flips over onto her stomach to sleep anymore. And she especially likes to roll over on the changing table after she’s grabbed her dirty diaper… which I find especially frustrating. She figured out how to get her knees underneath her and how to move forward. She’s not crawling (seriously Elsha), but it seems as if she’s getting pretty close.


She’s also worked a whole slew of percussive sounds into her vocabulary. My favorite is the single cough/yelp laugh.

And she’s turned into a bit of a flirt. Yippee!! For months I have endured the annoying comment of, “She’s so serious,” from passing strangers. Which of course reminds me of the Joker. Speaking of which, Ruby picked out a little Batman figurine as her favorite toy. I swear we didn’t push it on her. We didn’t even show it to her. She saw it from across the room and gave it one of her squinchy nose smiles. Because, oh yeah, she flashes those all over the place now. It’s pretty freaking adorable.