Reading data

You would think my first post after months of not blogging would have some significance. Or at least be newsworthy. Well, you would be wrong. All this is, really, is too long for a Facebook post.

I finished two books this week, which led me to reflect on what I’ve read this year… and in years past. Well, most notably since 2012 when I started using Goodreads.

Now it’s worth noting that when I was a kid I never read by choice. We did go to the library and I did categorize and rate all the books we checked out using various criteria in order to determine which book to read first. Of course, I never did any reading. So it should come as no surprise that here I am analyzing my reading data. I’m still just as geeky now even though I do read by choice. Wait a minute. I guess that probably means I’m MORE geeky now.
Anyway, a few key takeaways:
  • I read 16 books/year on average.
  • I read roughly 50% fiction and 50% non-fiction.
  • About 50% of the non-fiction books I read are either memoirs or read like memoirs.
  • Which makes memoir the genre I read most.
  • Even though fantasy is the genre I like most.
  • Surprisingly, science fiction is the genre I like least.
  • Actually, that’s a hasty conclusion. I’ve only read one science fiction book: The Martian, which I did not like because it was SUPER boring. Yes it was.