My health: It sucks

Let’s discuss health and fitness for a moment. Oh boy. My health… sucks. There’s really no other way to put it.

First there was that nasty breast infection that lasted for freaking ever because the first antibiotic I was prescribed didn’t work. On the last day of the antibiotics a cold kicked in. Complete with fever. The stomach bug came along about a week later, while still blowing my nose infinity times a day.

It’s been over a week of this crap (no pun intended). I just found out this morning that this stomach bug is related to the breast infection antibiotics and not a virus. So today is day one of FORTY-TWO days on another antibiotic. I sent a note to my doctor… Part of me hopes the 42 days was a miscommunication between her and the pharmacy. The other part feels uncomfortable that there could be such a miscommunication.

The only sort of twisted silver lining of this thundercloud is that I have lost some weight. That was losable. So far I’ve lost about 28 lbs of the roughly 40 lbs I gained while pregnant with Ollie. I suspect it will take a long time to lose the remaining 12 lbs, and I’m okay with that… Who am I kidding? I want it off NOW. But my health comes first and I know it will take awhile if I do it the right way.

You know, through diet and exercise. Oh exercise. This sickness has really put a damper on the exercise. I’m still getting out there, but I’ve had to slow down and stop and back track and, well, it’s just been discouraging. I feel soft and heavy and out of shape and like there’s nothing I can do about it. I know. I know. I just had a baby. I’m small to begin with so I know I don’t look like all these things to the average bystander. But that’s how I feel.

I also feel pain when I breathe deeply, cough, laugh, turn my body and lie down. Among other basic movements of life. This is because I now also have what is most likely an intercostal rib muscle strain, what I’m told is basically a pulled rib muscle.

In summary? I’m falling apart.

I’m trying to keep perspective. I’m trying to look at this like the before picture. I hope to look back on this a year from now and marvel at how much stronger and healthier I am. I’m trying to see this as a lesson to appreciate the good health I have the privilege of taking advantage of. My tummy troubles are temporary and peanuts compared to what my good friend with Crohn’s disease has to deal with.

So I’m trying. It sucks. And there you have it.


4 Posts in 1: It’s a pregnant, decorative, musical new year!

I’m a little behind on posts so I thought we could play catch up. Instead of doing the smart thing and turning this into four easily digestible posts, I decided to write one that is way too long.

BLOG POST 1: Here we go again!

I’m pregnant. Due 5/28.

I feel pretty good. I was a bit nauseous during the first trimester, but I don’t think it was too bad relative to what some women go through. I had absolutely NO nausea with Ruby, but I also had all those stressful complications. This is WAY BETTER.

We’re going to wait (until birth, in case that’s not just implied here) to find out the sex. We would both slightly prefer a girl, but a boy would be cool too.

BLOG POST 2: Decorating the nursery… for Ruby

We have a 3 bedroom house: our room, the baby/office storage room and the guest room. There is a crib in the baby room and a full-sized bed in the guest room. And they’re both staying there.

The baby room will remain the same. The closet will still be used for non-baby storage and the book shelves will still hold Chemical Engineering textbooks and Star Wars toys. Baby won’t mind.

Ruby has moved into the guest room. We’re sort of redecorating there and I’m really excited about it! I have plans for one decorative DIY project. I’m a lot better at planning than execution and it’s evolving into something rather elaborate. So we’ll see if this actually happens. If it does, I fully plan on shamelessly pinning it to Pinterest.

I’ll post before and after pictures of the room when it’s all done. Only I won’t post any before pictures because we didn’t take any.

BLOG POST 3: All the musical things I’m doing

Remember that post I wrote about wanting to write/perform music… cringe… 8 months ago? (It’s actually the last post I wrote, which means I also haven’t… cringe… blogged in 8 months.) Well, I thought I’d give you an update. In the form of a metaphor.

I once read something about the 5 stages of running. They went something like:

1. Thinking about thinking about running.
2. Thinking about running.
3. Preparing to run.
4. Running.
5. Running again.

Musically speaking, I’m somewhere between stages 2 and 3. I’m still sort of tinkering around without much to show for it. But don’t give up on me yet!

By Tuesday my old crappy piano will be gone and a new digital piano will take its place. So I’ll be able to play while babies and toddlers sleep and record to my computer via USB. Santa brought me a mic I can use to record vocals, and I have plans to replace my laptop sometime this year.

As you’ve probably gathered, I also want to take a stab at recording. For a few reasons:

1. So I can hear what it really sounds like.
2. So I can share with you folks.
3. So I can try and find someone to collaborate with. (I have actually replied to a few Craigslist ads and have yet to receive a response. I think this is because I have no sound bites to share and, therefore, no way to prove I don’t totally suck.)

BLOG POST 4: This year I’m pretending I will…

Oh the resolutions. I’m not quite sure what to do with them. On one hand, I feel like they should be measureable. On the other hand, who needs more pressure? Maybe I’ll just spell out both options.

Super High-Achiever Goal: Write, record and perform 1 song.
Totally Good Enough Goal: Do something musical.

Super High Achiever Goal 1: Run 100 miles before the baby is born.
Totally Good Running Goal 1: Go for the occasional run before the baby is born. If I feel like it.

Super High-Achiever Goal 2: Participate in the Las Vegas Team Challenge season with Stacey.
Absolute GOD-like Goal 2: Convince Elsha to do it to.
Totally Good Enough Goal 2: You know, whatever.

Super High-Achiever Goal 3: Pick out and start training for a Spring 2016 full marathon.
Totally Good Enough Goal 3: Maybe just focus on Goal 2.

Super High-Achiever Goal 4: Do something with that run coaching certification.
Totally Good Enough Goal 4: Continue doing nothing.

Other Fitness
Super High-Achiever Goal 1: Try out another type of more local yoga and get back into a regular yoga practice after the baby is born.
Totally Good Enough Goal 1: Try out another type of more local yoga ONE TIME.

Super High-Achiever Goal 2: Lose all but 5 lbs of the pregnancy weight.
Totally Good Enough Goal 2: Lose like 6 – 8 lbs of the pregnancy weight. You know, whatever the baby weighs.

Personal Growth
Super High-Achiever Goal: When upset/angry/offended/frustrated etc. recognize when it’s mostly just my ego or pride that’s been injured.
Totally Good Enough Goal: Carry on.

Gold star. I win.

Well kids, let’s just pretend like January never happened. At long last it appears we are all, more or less, in good working order. I plan to take Ruby to story time at the library tomorrow. That’s right. We’re in go-out-in-public kind of good health. Let’s hope I’m not jinxing it with this post.

And since January never happened, it’s only natural that I do all the year end/new year bloggy stuff in February. Let’s start off by checking in with my 2012 goals

In a nutshell – GOLD STAR. I win.


In several nutshells:

1) I ran a full marathon. I actually trained properly this time around and it paid off during the race. I do plan on actually writing a recap so I’ll refrain from doing so here. Let’s just say mission accomplished.

2) I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight. As of now I’m actually about 5 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight thanks to two bouts of the stomach flu in less than two weeks. But I’m pretty confident gaining that back will be NO PROBLEM. I’m helping the process along by eating Diary Queen blizzards and BBQ potato chips.

In all seriousness, it took me about 8 months to lose all the pregnancy weight. And I feel really okay with that. I opted out of dieting and let all that running catch up to me.

3) I (sort of) got back to a regular Bikram yoga practice. My goal was to go once a week, and for awhile I was actually doing that. But it got to be too much once I was in the thick of marathon training. Getting to yoga can also be a bit of a logistical pickle between breastfeeding and Jason’s work schedule. So I feel good about what I was able to do.

4 & 5) I did not complete the 200 sit-ups or the 100 push-ups challenge. I started. Barely. Turns out this wasn’t important to me. It’s a good thing I said I wasn’t going to beat myself up if it didn’t happen.

It’s also a good thing I didn’t include things like “get anything done” or “maintain my sanity” on my list of goals.