Running for three

Today I ran/walked the 8th Annual Benicia Run for Education. Jason was registered and planned to walk it with me, but instead chose to stay home and rest after fighting a stomach bug for most of the week. That meant I had three people to carry 3.1 miles: myself, Ruby in the stroller and the baby (in my uterus).

I alternated between walking and running. I’m finding that it’s actually easier on my muscles to run than to walk at any pace even mildly faster than quite slow. When I try to walk briskly my calf muscles quickly tighten up and it hurts a surprising amount. I’m naturally a midfoot/forefoot runner, so it makes sense that switching to a running motion feels different. Running can be a bit more of a cardiovascular workout, but I go so slow (i.e. walking pace) that it’s not that big of a deal.

Although I have to admit, I did feel pretty cool “running”, while also pushing a stroller, at nearly 8 months pregnant. Please keep that in mind when comparing my 5K finish time of 50:05 to my 10K finish time of 50:06 from 2011.

About 5 minutes into the race Ruby started bugging me to get out of the stroller, and with about a quarter mile to go I finally let her loose. The crowd loved her and she loved the attention. I debated letting her sleep in this morning and run/walking the race without the extra weight and inconvenience a 3 year old adds. But watching her excitement as she ran to the finish line was definitely worth it.


The race itself was followed by the 2nd Annual Muffins & Mimosas post race party with the Benicia Mom’s Group. Looking forward to many more in the years to come!

The crowd goes wild!

The bad news is Ruby has taken to snorting crank. That’s the only logical explanation for the five million laps she ran around the kitchen tonight. The good news is all the speed* work is paying off. She’s the first in the family to win a race without cheating!

*pun intended

Because all races deserve a recap

Last Thanksgiving (of the year 2012) the whole family participated in the Walnut Creek Turkey Trot:

  • Jason ran it.
  • Both of my parents walked it.
  • This little turkey rode it. In the stroller.
  • Pushed by me.


It was really crowded. I plan to look for a different trot in the year 2013.

Finish Time: 32:37
Place: 73/279 AG, 1295/3538 Overall