What a body can take

It’s 1:30 am. I can’t sleep. My sickness (that I won’t describe) woke me and then Ruby called. And then Ruby called again. And I’m noticing that my breast is hurting more and more. I’m worried this is another breast infection. And I really don’t want another breast infection because I am already, currently, sick for the third time in three weeks. I don’t need a fourth.

I’ve really been trying to be optimistic these last couple days. To remind myself of things I should be grateful for. At least Ollie’s not sick. Or Ruby. Or Jason or my mom. At least my mom is still here to help. At least I don’t feel nauseated. At least I’ve been able to keep my fever down with Tylenol. At least we have good health insurance. At least my milk supply hasn’t dropped off as it could with sickness. At least it’s the weekend now and Jason is home.

Still, I’m not grateful for this sickness. I can’t stop fantasizing about running off to a hotel by myself. I miss the days when sick meant lots of sleep and lying on the couch watching TV. I want to rest. Without having to wake multiple times in the night to breastfeed. Without having to breastfeed at all. Without a toddler tantruming, or touching me or, really, talking at all. I just want to rest. PRIVATELY.

I need to rest. And I can’t sleep. Here I am, all alone in my silent living room writing this blog post. Oh the irony. I thought it fitting that I take care of one to-do while up with my, apparently, deteriorating body.


I have no idea how I will make this happen if I get in. But I do know this is the first step.


Monday Motivators: The power of rest


Last Week: I walked 4.25 miles while we were in Santa Cruz (plus another almost 3 that I’m not counting because it happened on Sunday, which technically counts as last week) and ran 3 miles with Team Challenge. So a total of 7-10 miles versus my goal of 5. Score!

I’m using the term “run” pretty loosely here… I had to run to keep up with the walkers. Some might call it very, very slow jogging, but I don’t use the word “jog” on principle.

This Week: I’m sticking with a goal of 5 miles for this week, even though I did more last week. I feel pretty lame admitting what a mere 7-10 miles of basic movement did to my body. First some lower back pain on the left side, then some in my right arch, then my right hip (which we all know is actually my butt muscle, but hip sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it?).

Don’t worry, everything’s feeling good today. But it was a reminder of two basic ground rules for injury prevention. Always base activity on your current fitness level, and never underestimate the power of rest.

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  4. Help motivate others. Amy at READNCOOK plans to take 65,000 steps this week (yikes!) and has just about sold me a FitBit.

Read this post for a little background on the birth of Monday Motivators.

Tomorrow’s rest


When finally all the work is done and silent.
I will submit to sleep, and I will rest.
When quiet are the thoughts that now are violent.
I will make peace with slumber’s sweet request.
At last when road is paved, I’ll still my feet.
I’ll stretch my limbs and close my weighted eyes.
I’ll coax my aching muscles to retreat.
When path is cleared of roots and tangled vines.
When past has gone to work and work to past.
And day is full of light and hope and dreams.
When no more drudge and toil can be asked.
I’ll cry relief in richly spilling streams.
But oh, this work keeps growing without end!
Always with me, my loyal, steady friend.

This was my response to Day 10: Future, Sonnet, Chiasmus.

Photo Credit: L1004601 by DaiLuo is licensed under CC BY 2.0